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The story of Signore Giuseppe

A long journey steeped
in history and tradition


An introduction to travel
and to the wines of Italy

Our story begins back in the 1980s when Giuseppe, a winegrower’s son born in Veneto, set out on a journey to explore the wines of Italy. Like many young people in the region, he started to work in the vineyards at a young age. Harvest after harvest, his passion for wine grew.

One day in his homeland Veneto, he met someone who was to change his life: an Italian winegrower who was passionate about his terroir. He was producing the well known Prosecco, the world’s most famous sparkling Italian wine. This man’s devotion and respect inspired Giuseppe to such an extent that he decided to travel around Italy to meet other wine enthusiasts, who are just as passionate about wine.

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Finding the best crus
in each region

He set off to train as an oenologist in Tuscany, the iconic region of the famous Chianti. 

Over the course of his travels, he gradually became a specialist in the terroirs of Italy. He also used his journeys as a means of finding the best crus in each region.


« la Cucinare »,
or the art of savouring
the treasures of Italy

In Abruzzo, he encountered a renowned Michelin-starred chef who introduced him to culinary specialities and showed him how to extract the very best from the simplest of ingredients. This encounter made him realise that it was the quality of the base grapes that would produce the best wines.

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The significance
of a historic terroir

During his stay in Piedmont, he met a truffle producer and developed a passion for that product. What an amazing discovery! The age-old culture of truffle production and the excellence of the cuisine derived from it – this delicious, refined product cultivated by such simple people so close to the land and then enhanced even further by the very best chefs… it was an inspiration!

He then realised the importance of fully understanding the soil and the terroir when making quality products. Like grapes, truffles are the reflection of a terroir and define the very essence of a region.

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Emilia Romagna

The Italian art of living over a meal with friends

In Emilia Romagna, Giuseppe made the acquaintance of an Italian family and was lucky enough to be invited to a family feast. La Mamma and la Nonna cooked together for the whole family… and what a treat it was!

A platter of Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano as antipasti whetted everyone’s appetite. The primo piatto consisted of a dish of pasta alla Bolognese, followed by the secondo piatto, a beautiful veal roast with oven-baked potatoes. And the cherry on the cake, the dolce: a delicious chestnut-based dessert. All washed down with Lambrusco dell’Emilia, of course!

This enjoyable occasion confirmed his taste for Italian-style conviviality and his desire to show the world that Italian food and wine can be accessible to everyone… provided that you’re a little curious!

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The ultimate reward at the Festa Patronale d'Alberobello

The story goes that, during the traditional village festival in Alberobello – la festa patronale dei Santi Medici Cosma e Damiano – in Puglia, an elderly producer, with whom Giuseppe was sharing a glass of Trebbiano Pinot Grigio di Puglia, exclaimed: “Sei veramente il Signore del vino!"1 The name stuck and Giuseppe became the most passionate Signore among Italian wine lovers!

1 « You truly are the Lord of Wine! »

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Let Signore Giuseppe guide you on an iconic journey to discover the wines of Italy. Follow him on his Vespa through the terroirs of Italy!

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